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Our unique training delivery will assist you in:

  • Achieving Personal and Professional Success
  • Effectively Lead Others
  • Achieve Successful Outcomes for Your Organization

OneSource Professional Training Solutions
  • The contemporary, flexible, life-long-learning approach to effective leadership development.
  • Knowing, Doing, Being learning approach to skills development
  • Short, thought provoking, instructor led and interactive content sessions focused on specific leadership competencies
  • Contemporary iPad Coaching Application to practice and reinforce desired skills
  • Leadership Engine- Cloud based integrated personal database draws input from iPad Application, students, coaches, supervisors, peers and mentors
  • Flexible, integrated one on one coaching and mentoring module
  • Assessment of Existing Leadership Skills inventories and desired development goals

OneSource Professional Training Solutions, in junction with Leadership Ecademy, recently initiated leadership and business skills training class, courses and programs and has achieved a development breakthrough with our proprietary approach to leadership and business skills development. Our mission is to provide focused skills development for the sustainable enterprise. We unleash organizations to maximize the performance of their staff through contemporary learning technologies, comprehensive content, state of the art assessments and leading edge support services. Our instructional design staff have designed a comprehensive solution to introduce a leadership concept, demonstrate its use in class, r3einformce its use via iPad exercises outside of class and record results that can be reviewed by a live coach in a one on one coaching session.

“I have never learned a skill so well in my 25 years of taking training classes and I see that I have changed my behavior as a result” Comment from a recent pa

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