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Advanced Interpersonal Communication

This course identifies and develops professional level communication skills and styles.

Communication styles and methods

·         Communication styles

·         Verbal and nonverbal communication                        

First impressions and building rapport

·         The importance of first impressions                              

·         Communicating to build rapport                              

·         Building positive relationships                        

Building relationships through feedback                              

·         The importance of providing feedback                              

·         Providing feedback                        


·         Understanding supervisor styles                              

·         Handling human resource issues                         

Colleagues and subordinates                              

·         Communicating with colleagues                              

·         Communicating with subordinates                        

Customers and vendors                              

·         Communicating with customers                              

·         Communicating with vendors                        

Organizational culture                              

·         Understanding organizational cultures                              

·         Cultural networks                              

·         Managing physical culture                              

·         Managing emotional culture

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